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ContentProtect Security Appliance

 At VLCM, we know how important it is to monitor your company’s network while also maximizing your bandwidth. ContentProtect Security Appliance, a ContentWatch product, is a great solution for all your network-monitoring needs.


ContentProtect Security ApplianceContentProtect_Security_Appliance

The ContentProtect Security Appliance is a powerful gateway device containing all the tools you need to manage, optimize, and monitor everything that is happening within your network. With the ContentProtect Security Appliance, you have the power to proactively protect your network from abuse and attack while simultaneously maximizing the precious bandwidth you depend on. Solve your network’s biggest issues before they get out of hand— irresponsible users, spyware, slow Internet, and more.


Maximize the Performance of Limited Resources

The ContentProtect Security Appliance makes it easier for small organizations and branch offices to optimize network and application performance, even with very limited resources. ContentProtect Security Appliance scans deep into the packet payload to quickly identify non-critical and detrimental traffic and then prioritizes mission-critical traffic based on your organization's objectives. By ensuring mission-critical traffic gets through, ContentProtect Security Appliance maximizes your organization's performance


Comprehensive Control in One Efficient Device

It delivers unified threat management and WAN optimization in one device, eliminating the latency and complexity caused by implementing multiple single-purpose appliances. Its revolutionary Network Analytics makes it easy to see and report on user activity, application performance, and threat control by showing how isolated events impact performance as a whole. The ContentProtect Security Appliance generates granular reports on a specific user, prioritizes branch applications and stops spyware, viruses, inappropriate content, and more with one clear interface.


Easily Manage Distributed Environments

The ContentProtect Security Appliance makes it easier for administrators to manage distributed environments. Specifically designed for branch office and small office implementation, the ContentProtect Security Appliance reports usage in real-time and allows administrators to quickly identify and control the users, applications, and threats that impact network performance. Additionally, with the ContentProtect Security Appliance in the branch and another ContentProtect Security Appliance at headquarters administrators can easily optimize WAN or VPN connections.

VLCM is pleased to be a partner of ContentWatch. When you team up with VLCM, you’ll benefit from proven services and products such as ContentWatch. Please contact us for more information.


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