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HP Elite Series

 HP Elite Series computers boast some of the greatest durability and functionality available. That's why VLCM is proud to offer such products to its customers.

Simply HP’s toughest, most reliable PCs in business today.

HP Elite Series

VLCM is committed to providing elite products that will help grow your business. HP calls it Elite for a reason. It’s a unique combination of durability, reliability, security and efficiency. And it’s been designed with only one goal – to perform remarkably in tough conditions. HP has always been a leader in cutting-edge computer technology. Now, with new Intel architecture, HP has taken processing power to the next level. Then, to make sure it’s always ready when you are, HP has combined it with unprecedented toughness and durability.

HP’s goal isn’t just to create a durable computer; it’s to create the world’s most reliable computer. That’s why HP designed an Elite Series of PCs to be the most robust PCs that HP has ever created.

And to make sure that HP Elite PCs can always keep up, HP tested them. They’re tested at temperatures that range from -20*F to 140*F, as well as drops, shocks, pounds, and shakes. The HP Total Test Process demands that HP doles out this kind of punishment for more than 100,000 hours. It might be overkill, but it makes for one seriously high caliber computer.


Rigorously tested for toughness and durability

At HP, they know offices aren’t always indoors, and they aren’t always air-conditioned. But whether it’s a high rise, highway, or the high Sierra, having a PC you can rely on is critical. That’s why HP tested their HP Elite PCs for more than 100,000 hours.

HP Elite PCs have been tested in conditions you’d rather avoid. Like a bone-chilling -20*F. Or a blistering 140*F. Or altitudes of up to 15,000 feet. In fact, the HP EliteBoks are so tough; they received pass ratings for seven U.S. military standards criteria.


For example, the HP EliteBook Notebook PCs have been subjected to the following:

1. Drop Test: HP testers drop the notebook 26 times on each side, edge, and corner to make sure it’s ready to take the daily abuse you may inflict.

2. Vibration Test: Since notebooks are meant to be as mobile as you are, HP simulates the vibrations of 1,000 miles of ground transportation.

3. Dust Test: Dust is blasted at the notebooks for six straight hours to make sure internal and external components won’t fail in harsh environments.

4. High Temperature Test: The notebook is placed in an oven and baked at 140*F to mimic extreme heat conditions.

5. Low Temperature Test: HP knows there are times when notebooks face the most extreme weather, so they put their notebooks in a freezer set at -20*F.

6. Temperature Shock Test: HP subjects the notebook to sudden temperature changes greater than 18*F within one minute.

7. Altitude: The notebook sits in a chamber that simulates the pressure of an altitude of 15,000 feet.


VLCM is pleased to be an Elite Partner of HP. When you team up with VLCM, you’ll benefit from proven services and products such as HP. Please contact us for more information.



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