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VLCM Stays One Step Ahead, Already Partnering with Both Leaders


Why is a converged campus network needed? Legacy WLANs were designed for 1 device per every 3 users. Now that number has risen to 3 devices per user and is not slowing down. Networks will have to support those additional billions of connected devices which are running and accessing trillions of applications. Legacy networks are not equip to handle the capacity.

Details at a Glance

Financial Terms

  •   $24.67 per share in cash or an enterprise value of $2.7 billion
  •   Both companies' boards of directors have approved the deal
  •   Expected to close during second half of HP's fiscal 2015 

Why will this be great for you?

  •   Wired/wireless LAN market by 2017 will be $19B with CAGR of 2% & 13% for wireless1
  •   New solutions with real benefits make it an easy sell to management
    •   Improved manageability
    •   Enhanced user experience
    •   Better performance
    •   Pervasive security policies
  •   Simplified solutions – Experts believe enterprises will increasingly look to unified network access for campus network operations 

If you are currently deploying solutions from either of our partners, we encourage you to continue doing so. Both HP and Aruba Networks have strong portfolios and customers will continue to be supported. This move makes VLCM's offering even stronger and better able to meet the needs of your company today and in the future.

With the combination of Aruba Networks with HP Networking solutions, we can help your organization right-size your fixed network infrastructure, which saves IT time, slashes capital costs and accelerates the delivery of network services.


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