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LANDesk and The Wall Street Journal

How They Won the War :                                                                                                                                             LANDesk 
LANDesk produces world-class management software for a multiplicity of applications. Their agnostic approach to OS compatibility is one that helps to set them apart from their competitors. But it’s not the only thing that does. In The Wall Street Journal ad, LANDesk listed the following as the reasons they “won the war”.

  •    LANDesk uniquely offers one price per end user (unlimited devices, including BYOD).
  •    LANDesk’s patented “Target Multicast” is the only solution recommended by analysts for distributed users.
  •    LANDesk offers the world’s fastest software and patch management.
  •    LANDesk is the easiest ITIL path to increasing end-user productivity through self-service and automated request fulfillment.
  •    LANDesk has an integrated solution for systems management, endpoint security, mobility, and ITSM (premise, cloud, or both).
  •    LANDesk manages anything there ever was, anything there every will be. Which means we coexist with and actually fix our competitors’ weakness.

About LANDesk:
LANDesk solutions are used all over the world to enhance the efficiency of user applications. At the same time, LANDesk software greatly limits the associated costs and risks of IT. The company’s solutions are built on a flexible infrastructure that incorporates user-oriented IT-service management, secure-user management, end-to-end mobilitymanagement, and IT-asset management. LANDesk has been in the business of solution management longer than most. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah, with European headquarters in Berkshire, England.

VLCM and LANDesk :
VLCM and LANDesk have been partners for over a year now. VLCM offers LANDesk solutions because of the great end-user experience they offer, along with the proven track record they have delivered over the years. When it comes to IT management, there’s no better choice than LANDesk. And when it comes to facilitating your IT needs, VLCM can help.

Read more about LANDesk and “The Wall Street Journal” at http://www.landesk.com.


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