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Study Shows Most Defense-In-Depth Security is Inadequate

A FireEye special report titled Maginot Revisited: More Real-World Results from Real-World Tests reveals that most defense-in-depth security deployments are inadequate. Download the case study to view a breakdown of companies in every industry, and see FireEye’s advice to move towards a tightly integrated, nimble architecture that enables big-picture vigilance for optimal security.

Today’s security teams can’t afford to passively wait for attacks. Instead, they should take a lean-forward approach that actively hunts for new and unseen threats. Installed behind other security layers, the FireEye sensors offer a unique vantage point from which to gauge other security tools. If a threat is observed, it is only because all other security defenses have failed. Data gathered by more than 1,600 FireEye network and email sensors deployed in real-world networks conclude that attackers are easily bypassing conventional security deployments and breaching systems in every industry.


The data gathered also allows us to see trends for the first time, like increase in attacks using advanced malware1. Across all industry segments, 96 percent of systems were breached on average. And 27 percent of those breaches involved advanced malware. In particular, FireEye mentions businesses should know what APT malware is and how to guard their organization. APT attacks camouflage their actions, meaning the attackers could be anyone. Figuring out who is using the malware is more complex than the malware alone. View the report for highlights of the top malware detected within industry verticals.

This continued breaching is especially alarming given that nearly all of the advanced malware used in these breaches are well-known to security researchers and vendors. And still, conventional tools are not stopping them.  Other reports done by security testing companies like Delta Testing confirm FireEye’s previous reports on the prevalence of advanced malware in enterprises today, as well as challenges traditional security vendors have with the evolving threat landscape. Organizations must consider a new approach to securing their IT assets.

To find out how FireEye Adaptive Defense can help your company prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to today’s advanced threats, contact our security specialist. Download the case study below for a detailed report by FireEye.

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