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The VLCM IT Survey—Mobility Limitations

Mobility LimitationsMobility

Q2 of the VLCM IT survey, conducted among a number of leading IT professionals, asked this simple question: what mobility factors are most limiting to your business? Among those surveyed with this question, the results were split nearly in perfect halves between two primary answers: support and security concerns.

When it comes to allowing mobile devices on your network, being able to support those devices and provide the proper security for your network all at the same time is a difficult task, indeed. According to VLCM’s survey of IT professionals in varying industries, this reality is also the main concern of most network administrators.


Mobility_GraphA Solution to the Challenges of BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) networks certainly pose some challenges, primarily the two already mentioned. Having a diversified staff able to support a myriad of devices becomes a difficult endeavor in and of itself, but if that were the only dilemma, BYOD would cause a lot less stress.

However, even more concerning to a network administrator is the question of security. Admins need to know who is accessing their network and what those users are doing on their network in order to limit security threats and the possibility of compromised confidential company information.


For all these reasons, VLCM works with HP to offer our customers an advanced solution in BYOD management. HP’s IMC (Intelligent Management Center) is a modular platform that harbors the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your BYOD network needs—whether you’re a small or enterprise-level company.


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