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Why Advanced Threat Protection is Better Done Through the Cloud

Guest Speaker: Peter Firstbrook, Research Director, Gartner


Security Turned Upside Down: iPad, Facebook &amp; Mobile Users 

 Why Cloud Security Delivers Better Protection than AppliancesCloud_Security

The ‘consumerization’ of IT has blurred the lines between business and personal smartphones and tablets. This further complicates the challenge of protecting mobile laptops that bypass on-site security appliances deployed at company locations. Attackers are now using Facebook, email and encrypted payloads to compromise the weakest components of enterprise security: your users' mobile devices. Once compromised, these devices become a beachhead for hackers to gain access to corporate networks and sensitive data.

Join Gartner Research Director Peter Firstbrook – as well as cloud security thought leaders from Zscaler – to learn:

How iPad, Facebook &amp; Mobile Users Turn Security Upside Down: Peter Firstbrook

• Implications of mobility and blended threats on security

• Key requirements for web and mobile security

• Are large enterprises shifting from appliances to cloud security?

• Recommendations for CIOs and heads of security

With Real-life Demos: Michael Sutton, VP of Security, Zscaler

• Step-by-step demo of blended threat attacks

• Detailed techniques used by attackers

• Demonstration of why defense in depth is a critical component

Simplify Security with the Zscaler Cloud Service – Jay Chaudhry, CEO, Zscaler

• Total Cost of Ownership of cloud security

• Customer Case Study Selection criteria for cloud security services

• Deployment experience and benefits

Ask the Experts – Question &amp; Answer Session

Why Advanced Threat Protection is Better Done Through the Cloud



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