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HP TippingPoint - Next Gen Firewall keeping pace with the Black Hats

Posted by Jared Quan on Apr 2, 2015 3:00:00 PM

It doesn’t matter if you are a part of a government, a company the size of a major motion picture studio or a ten person small business, recent attacks on companies like British Airways, Ebay, and the Indiana government website, have brought security to the forefront of everyone’s minds.


Prominent congressmen U.S. Rep Jim Himes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee’s subcommittee on the National Security Agency and Cybersecurity said in a speech at UCONN on Monday, that “In addition to being a pressing national security concern, cybersecurity is one of the most urgent economic issues facing our country,” Himes said. “The cyber-attacks against Anthem, Target, Home Depot and Sony underscore the damaging consequences of cyber-attacks for the safety and security of Americans’ personal information, as well as a company’s bottom line. These attacks will continue to increase in frequency and sophistication.” Himes later conceded there isn’t any way to fully prevent cyber-attacks.

With every form of society under attack by Black Hat hackers from around the globe, companies are left to try and find a security solution to protect them from threats that haven’t been discovered yet, with coding that hasn’t been written yet, and the solution has to be able to defend without affecting performance and productivity. Enter HP TippingPoint.

HP’s Next Generation Intrusion prevention system delivers threat protection with reliability ahead of its time. It provides comprehensive coverage with more than 9,000 security filters written to address zero-day attacks and known vulnerabilities. See what matters most to you at a glance with a fully customizable dashboard and management console that deploys 33% faster than the competition. The TippingPoint NGIPS uses adaptive intelligence to protect your network from the most advanced and sophisticated attacks. Learn more about the benefits and ease of using HP TippingPoint in the video below.  

HP TippingPoint Every Second

In summary, cyber-attacks will be an ongoing threat, and deploying a tool like the HP TippingPoint will offer end users, comprehensive coverage, reliability, performance, ease of use, and most importantly adaptive intelligence to keep pace with the black hats looking to strike next. We would like to see if this solution is a good fit for your environment, please contact us and our security experts will be happy to discuss your specific environment and what makes sense to help secure your business.  

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