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VLCM Cybersecurity Alerts - June, 2019


IT Security, Ransomware, Cybersecurity

Is Your Organization Protected Against a Ransomware Attack?



VLCM Cybersecurity Alerts - May, 2019


Another round of advisories for the month of May, including a critical notification from Microsoft and even the NSA, urging customers to ensure deployments of Windows 7, Server 2008 and out of...


How to Become A Defender of the Email Realm

Who are the most famous defenders of the universe?


Is Your Server Going to be Hit by the Critical Microsoft Vulnerability? [And how to patch it]

Microsoft just warned of a wormable Windows bug that could lead to another WannaCry - a malware that shut down computers across the globe in 2017 - unless people patch a high-severity...

ARTICLES FROM THE EXPERTS, IT Information, IT Security, Cybersecurity

VLCM Cybersecurity Alerts - April 12, 2019

Updates, vulnerabilities, and patches - oh my! The ever-evolving world of cybersecurity updates can be a difficult road to navigate but leaving your systems vulnerable can bring a whole host of...

ARTICLES FROM THE EXPERTS, IT Information, IT Security, Cybersecurity, Managed IT, Managed Services

Federal consumer data privacy, is your business ready?

Federal legislation to protect consumers data and privacy is gaining momentum in Congress and there is draft legislation being developed that is likely to become federal law in the next 12 to 24...

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

How is the Federal Government Shutdown Impacting Cybersecurity? [Cyber 24 Podcast]

[Previously posted on Cyber 24 Podcast]

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Protecting Data on Campus [Cyber 24 Podcast]

[Repost from Cyber 24]

Cybersecurity, Cyber24

Cybersecurity: Top Concern for US [CYBER24 Podcast]

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