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5 Easy Ways to Get More Out of Your ShoreTel Phone System

Posted by Priscilla Silva on Feb 3, 2015 6:00:00 PM

Customers want exceptional service—every time. Employees want to work anytime, anywhere and from any device. Fortunately, meeting these high expectations is easier than you think. Take your business communications to the next level by adding even more functionality to your ShoreTel phone system. Adding new features can increase worker productivity, customer service and drive sales. It’s brilliantly simple.  

Here are five ways to get more out of your ShoreTel phone system:

1. Make your team self-reliant and productive with collaboration tools. Take the hassle out of bringing teams together with easy-to-use conferencing, chat and desktop sharing.


2. Improve customer service and capture lost revenue. Deliver outstanding customer service and drive sales with a flexible customer contact center. Captur.e

3. Put unified communications on the mobile devices your employees love most. Let employees use the smartphones and tablets that they want—and give them enterprise communications capabilities. Any device, any location, any network.

4. Streamline workflow for your business applications. Enhance the value of your CRM and other business applications by integrating voice communications or add E911 emergency notification, call recording and cost recovery.

5. Give workers on the move cordless IP phones and docking stations. Turn Apple iPhone® and iPad® into full-featured desk phones with ShoreTel Dock. Or give workers the power of UC and the freedom to move about the office with ShoreTel cordless IP phones.

Infographic: How Mobility Helps Sales Teams

How it works:


With ShoreTel, easily:

  • Conference, chat and collaborate without hassles
  • Take customer service to the next level and capture lost revenue
  • Extend enterprise unified communications to Apple iPhone® and iPad®
  • Incorporate voice into your business application workflow with prepackaged integrations
  • Turn employees’ iPhone and iPad into desk phones or give them full-featured cordless IP phones

Give us five minutes and we can show you how to take your business communications to the next level by adding more functionality to your ShoreTel phone system.

Get the most  from your phone system

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