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Posted by Darci Piz on Mar 18, 2014 3:13:00 PM

The past month or so has been a real success for Barracuda Networks. From awards to campaigns to new roll outs, Barracuda has been at the top of the leader board in their industry.

Barracuda Wins 8 Awards in one Month
Winning 8 awards in one year sounds impressive enough, but for Barracuda, it was 8 awards in the month of February alone. SC Magazine and Info Security Product Guide presented the following to Barracuda Barracuda_NetworksNetworks:

-- SC Magazine Reader Trust Award
Best Web Application Firewall
Winner: Barracuda Web Application Firewall

-- SC Magazine Excellence Award
Best SME Security Solution

Winner: Barracuda Spam Firewall

-- SC Magazine Excellence Award
Best Customer Service
Winner: Barracuda Customer and Service Support

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Info Security Product Guide

Grand Trophy Winner: Barracuda Networks

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Social Media, Web Filtering, and Content Security

Gold Winner: Barracuda Web Filter 7.0

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Storage and Archiving

Gold Winner: Barracuda Backup 5.4

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Best Security Hardware Product (New or Updated version)

Bronze Winner: Barracuda Firewall 6.1

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Innovation in Cloud Security

Bronze Winner: Barracuda Web Application Firewall, Cloud Edition

-- 2014 Info Security's Global Excellence Award:
Web Application Security

Bronze Winner: Barracuda Load Balancer ADC 5.1.

7.1Barracuda Web Filter 7.1 Is Something Else to Write Home About
Ever-growing concerns with security are moving professionals to the use of HTTPS for their web traffic. This fact, coupled with increasing stipulations on HTTPS traffic inspection, breeds some concern among IT professionals. However, Barracuda's Web Filter 7.1 addresses the problem through a direct approach that will enable good returns on website traffic. Some of the recent upgrades include:


Inline (transparent proxy) SSL inspection of web applications in Barracuda Web Filters 610 and 810.

Enhanced SSL inspection to enforce Safe Search on search engine and video portals like Google and YouTube in Barracuda Web Filter 410.

Extending SSL inspection in Non-Policy Lookup mode included in remote filtering agents (Barracuda Web Security Agents).

Comprehensive reporting via the Barracuda Report Creator

Completely reworked UI meets usability expectations

Plus hundreds of improvements to make administration easier for customers.

Barracuda's K-12 campaign is poised for 2014K-12_library_pic_520_320_c1_center_top
Last year, Barracuda saw significant success working their K-12 campaign. So for 2014, Barracuda is ready with more to offer. The challenges faced by schools in this realm are a big focus for the initiative. Some of the new targets are:

Comprehensive security for mobility initiatives such as 1:1 and BYOD

Social-media regulation as social-network usage grows in the classroom

Granular visibility into user traffic

Bandwidth management to accommodate PARCC

Simple, low-cost, and secure data access and storage


Copy for Companies & SignNow--Together at Last
With Copy and SignNow as a integrated pair, Barracuda's Copy for Companies solution has grow in usage and popularity among businesses large and small.

With this combination, Barracuda offers secure cloud services for file storing, syncing, and sharing, along with the ability to create granular policies. This allows admins to control user and group rights for file access, file sharing, and joining shares outside the company.


VLCM and Barracuda
Barracuda Networks is a leading provider of security solutions for content, networking and application delivery, data storage and protection, and disaster recovery. Some of the world’s biggest companies use Barracuda to ensure that their data is safe and accessible. With Barracuda, you have access not only to industry-leading security products, but also a channel of customer support and satisfaction that is unsurpassed in its efficiency. That's why VLCM works with Barracuda to offer our customers reliable and cutting-edge security solutions.


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