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Evolve your Break-Fix IT Services with Managed IT

Posted by Priscilla Silva on Nov 4, 2014 8:00:00 PM

The history of IT managed services begins with a past in break-fix solutions. Many SMBs without the personnel or resources to maintain their own infrastructure outsourced IT management to firms that strictly performed on a “it breaks, we fix it” basis. The problem with this structure came from the extensive data and revenue loss that followed the “break” when networks crashed or servers went down. Unfortunately, the best practice of these firms only went as far as periodically visiting on-site for system review of logs and end user information. They hoped to catch problems before they occurred- but these technicians could only see as far as that particular day, nothing that happened later could be anticipated until the problem already occurred and was reported. This routine also followed for system backups, resulting in days or more of missed data and information. This “break-fix” model was not sustainable for the unique businesses and technology of today and was in dire need of a better approach.

Hardware and software companies began to develop better ways for systems to detect problems earlier than ever. Managed services was now the solution that businesses had been waiting for. In its early development however, managed service tools were too complex and costly for just anyone to manage. In 2005, these systems began to mature and allowed SMBs to take advantage of the same benefits through managed IT service providers who could utilize the tools. Businesses of all sizes can now supplement their IT department and work together with their managed service provider to detect user symptom or risk and alert the provider before it happens. VLCM understands each business’ reliance on IT and has a team of skilled and experienced professionals to fully manage entire SMB IT departments. Services include helpdesk support, network and infrastructure planning and support, and systems architecture and design. With a more proactive approach, VLCM’s IT Managed Service department (VLCMnet+) doesn't benefit when things go wrong, but instead switches the focus to monitoring and supporting overall business survival with the least amount of downtime and loss. 

managed_servicesVLCM achieves our support model by providing telephone, email and web-based access to our helpdesk during normal business hours and access to our on-call personnel after hours. Dedicated Systems Administrators regularly schedule on-site technology audits and provide oversight for the back-end technology and systems. In order to provide proactive support for our customer’s workstations and servers VLCM remotely monitors and updates all systems from our centralized service desk. Lastly, VLCM provides a Virtual CIO or vCIO to meet with customers monthly for risk analysis and technology planning. Specific solutions that we offer:

  • Workstation and Laptop Solutions: includes 24x7 helpdesk support, customer portal access, virus and content protection, hardware replacement and more.
  • Server Solutions: around the clock server monitoring and proactive/reactive services including server patch management and system network audits.
  • Network Solutions: firewall and switch monitoring, SSL VPN and wireless maintenance. 
  • Email Solutions: Office 365 and Exchange management and migration.
  • Virtualization and Backup & Recovery Solutions: VMware monitoring and virtualization optimization. On and off-site backup management and audits.

For more information on these solutions, contact our Director of Managed Services, below. VLCM is committed to earning your trust and demonstrating our ability to supplement or completely manage your IT. In a world run by technology, be sure you have the right team behind you. Subscribe to our blog for more information on solutions that can help you run your data center.

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