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HP 3PAR for Small Business

Posted by Fred Steinhorst on Apr 7, 2014 4:15:00 PM

Is your organization faced with budget constraints? A lot of smaller companies are these days, but are your budget constraints keeping you from obtaining reliable storage solutions? If so, HP now has the solution to your problem.

3PAR 7200



3PAR 7000 Series
If you’ve heard much of anything about 3PAR storage, then you’re probably familiar with the amazing quality it offers in data-storage management. However, if you work for a small or medium-sized business, you’re probably also very familiar with how expensive and out of your league it is. Well, if you haven’t heard from us yet about the good news, here it is:

3PAR doesn’t only offer their million-dollar storage configurations anymore. In fact, HP has taken the initiative to make the capabilities of 3PAR storage a reality to the SMB (small-to-medium-sized business) market. This has been a major push from HP ever since they acquired 3PAR back in September of 2010. Now, with the 3PAR 7000 series, the superb management features of those hyper-expensive 3PAR arrays are affordable for the smaller guys.

The launch of the 7000 series isn’t really anything incredibly new. It all happened toward the end of 2012. Nonetheless, word doesn’t always travel as fast as 3PAR can deduplicate your redundant data. So if 3PAR quality storage is something you always wished you could afford, perhaps you can now.


3PAR 7400

Problems Solved by 3PAR Storage
VLCM’s certain you would find an extensive write-up on the functionality of 3PAR storage one of the most intriguing bits of information you’ve ever read on this blog, but we figured we would leave it to HP to tell you all about it. For a brief and informative white-boarding session from HP on the benefits of 3PAR (and all with rockin’ background music) take a look at the link below.


VLCM has been an HP Preferred Partner for over 20 years. The company’s experience with HP products is such that we continue to highly recommend them for all our customers’ IT needs. For more information on how VLCM can get you 3PAR storage visit: http://www.vlcmtech.com/hp-3par/