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HP BladeSystem: The Ultimate Converged Infrastructure

Posted by Josh Linton on Jun 13, 2013 4:14:00 PM

HP BladeSystem is a no compromise infrastructure that changes with your needs while maximizing every hour, watt, and dollar. This modular design continuously meets your changing business needs by quickly being scaled, repurposed, and upgraded. Future-proof your company with BladeSystem. The 23: 1 consolidation allows you to put up to 60% more servers in the same physical space, reducing IT sprawl while reducing total cost of ownership up to 56% over traditional infrastructures.

HP BladeSystem Benefits:HP BladeSystem

  • Alignment across the business

  • Innovation across the organization (HP labs, Enterprise Services, Enterprise Business, R&amp;D global)

  • Demonstrated Value

  • Commitment to and proven interoperability

  • Interoperability and Incremental customer adoption

Reduce capital expenses up to 40% versus a traditional infrastructure.

Core infrastructure is shared in an HP BladeSystem environment, reducing capital costs significantly lower than traditional rack-based infrastructure. Blades share power, network, and storage infrastructure at the enclosure level. Since equipment is not needed for each server, there is a drastic reduction in Power Distribution Units, power cables, LAN and SAN switches, connectors, adapters, and cables. Bring in newest generation technologies by just changing the components that need to be changed instead of the “rip and replace” approach used for traditional infrastructures.

Double the capacity of your data center without adding power infrastructure.

Dynamically control power limits based on workload demand to reclaim over-provisioned power and cooling capacity, without impacting performance. You can see exactly how and where you’re using your power at the data center level and focus scarce power resources on your most important business priorities. A built-in Sea of Sensors provides a real-time thermal control system so fan speeds self-adjust.

Double productivity of administrators, reducing your operating expenses.

Server management and administration personnel costs can represent over 80% of the costs of a typical IT organization today. Compared to a rackmount environment, the time needed for routine server administrative tasks with HP BladeSystem, such as deploying and configuring new servers, can be reduced by up to 15%, using Insight Control. With Virtual Connect technology, provision server network and storage connections upfront for your entire environment to eliminate add/move/change requests. By eliminating manual coordination between server, storage, and network administrators for everyday tasks, and automating resource-intensive manual tasks, your administrators can install, deploy and reconfigure server connections to storage and networking in 90% less time compared to traditional infrastructure. HP BladeSystem Matrix, which simplifies provisioning of entire infrastructures, can decrease the actual time needed for ongoing administration 60% or more, freeing up staff to focus on other priorities.

HP BladeSystem keeps you in control and helps you manage your IT Needs.

  • Reduce complexity and eliminate sprawl
  • Provision infrastructure and applications in minutes
  • Reduce IT operations and maintenance resource costs
  • Manage optimized heterogeneous environments confidently
  • Instantly respond to business demands
    • Close the gap between business demands and what IT can deliver
    • Rapidly provision Cloud services
    • Deliver in-house, outsourced via cloud
    • Assure continuity of services


VLCM is pleased to be a partner of HP. When you team up with VLCM, you’ll benefit from proven services and products such as HP. Please contact us for more information.

Source: HP BladeSystem Literature

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