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Integrated Network Management: HP Intelligent Management Center

Posted by Josh Linton on Jun 14, 2013 8:38:00 AM


HP's Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is one of the most recent additions to HP’s network managers, admitted in 2010 to HP’s portfolio with the acquisition of 3Com Networks by HP. IMC Enterprise Edition is a stand-alone, comprehensive management platform for delivering next generation, integrated, modular network management capabilities that efficiently meet the needs of advanced, heterogeneous enterprise networks. IMC Enterprise Edition is designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a business application flow model as the core and features an on-demand, modularized structure. This combination allows the efficient implementation of end-to-end business management. IMC software's modular design provides an effective integration of traditionally separate management tools. Together, they provide complete management of resources, services, and users.1


Network managers need an infrastructure that performs reliably, predictably, efficiently, and still remains cost effective. HP IMC solution supports all major network management areas: fault and availability, configuration, performance, and security. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) breaks down network requirements into seven key factors: Scalability, Flexibility, Service Orientation, Automation, Collaboration, Security, and Cost Efficiency. HP's IMC solution meets each of these requirements, providing a mature, integrated approach for managing complex, multi-vendor, and heavily virtualized infrastructures across multiple functional areas.2

  1. Scalability: Designed to handle tens of thousands of managed nodes with a hierarchical and/or distributed mode of deployment. Also can scale down entry point to a single IMC server, ideal for a low element amount, from a couple hundred to a few thousand elements. IMC solution is capable of supporting 50 operators concurrently.

  2. Flexibility: Designed to support all networking technologies and architectures currently in common use (more than 2600 specific devices from over 35 different manufacturers.)

  3. Service Orientation: Designed to allow logical grouping of managedelements by organizational and/or geographical structures. Allows application awareness from the network perspective.

  4. Automation: Capabilities of autodiscovery, root cause analysis, and configuration policy audits.

  5. Collaboration: Widget-based homepage approach assembles effective, informational views. Primary navigation is organized by Resources, Users, and Services. Common Task areas are organized by Alarms, Reports, and Systems. Boasts over 50 report templates which can be run on a ad hoc or regularly scheduled basis. These results can be formatted as a PDF or delivered in CSV format.

  6. Security: Offers integrated network security management through integral controls within the core product and with Endpoint Admission Defense (EAD), and add-on module,.

  7. Cost Effectiveness: The singular, multi-functional, multi-vendor integrated management platform significantly cuts operational costs in result of fewer systems to administer, fewer vendors to manage, and less training required.

Intelligent Management Center Software Platform Free-Trial

HP offers a free, 60-day trial of IMC’s Enterprise Software.

IMC software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® Server and supports the management of HP and third-party devices. The base license supports 200 managed devices; additional node licenses can be purchased.1


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