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ShoreTel Mobility Reduces Costs

Posted by Red Olive on Mar 26, 2014 9:42:00 AM

With mobility and all its associated expectations on the ever-increasing rise, it’s important for an organization to maximize efficiency while reducing costs at the same time. ShoreTel Mobility helps to accomplish that very thing.


ShoreTel’s Mobility Approach1

One of the greatest advantages of ShoreTel’s mobility approach is the ability the user has to extend the capabilities and power of a desk phone with unified communications to a mobile platform. Inevitably, this allows a user to communicate from just about any location (with cellular or WiFi service) through a simple and cost-effective channel. ShoreTel’s mobility products are designed with cost savings in mind. With ShoreTel Mobility, a user has the option to automate the selection of the most cost-effective method for routing their calls.


US Calls

Another interesting aspect of ShoreTel’s mobility offerings is the offload of minutes from one’s cellular network. With ShoreTel Mobility, users can transfer minutes from the cellular network to the WLAN network on their domestic lines, which will reduce the minutes of cellular use and allow users to downgrade their cellular plans to save money. Savings can also be achieved through features that enable increased productivity, such as:

• One-number ringing – allows callers to reach users on the first attempt
• Enterprise-grade presences systems on mobiles – allows users to choose the most effective manner of communication
• Active directory integration – provides access to a full enterprise-level address book



Calling Outside the US

With ShoreTel Mobility, if users make a call outside of the US from a WLAN access point, ShoreTel’s Mobility Router can smoothly intercept any call made from a smartphone and then route it through VoIP instead of the network of the cellular provider, which, of course, is another way to enable substantial cost savings. Add to the fact that ShoreTel Mobility also provides the feature of handover (the capability of transferring an in-process call from a cellular network to a WiFi network upon detection of the WiFi network) and you have a very cost-effective approach to international calls.

Additionally, if the user is away from a WiFi hotspot, the phone system will engage its router and make calls using VoIP instead. This approach still uses domestic cellular minutes but won’t accrue the huge costs of long-distance fees.


VLCM and ShoreTel

ShoreTel offers VoIP telephony, unified communications, contact center, and enterprise mobility solutions with plug-and-play simplicity that will meet the needs of any business. ShoreTel’s VoIP telephone system is as reliable and flexible as it is easy to deploy, manage, and use. That’s why VLCM works with ShoreTel for all the unified communication needs of its customers. Call us and see what VLCM and ShoreTel can do for you.


VLCM and ShoreTel