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Three Topics to Arm Your Data Center at the Executive Level

Posted by Priscilla Silva on Oct 23, 2014 6:00:00 PM

Attending executive-level events allows the leadership in any organization to be educated and inspired by the companies that support their business development. VLCM offers executives a chance to attend quarterly educational retreats which involve a relaxing weekend and insightful thought leadership on today’s relevant IT solutions that can affect their data center. HP Big Data, inContact, and LANDESK were available to teach 20 local CIOs the fundamentals of a successful IT infrastructure. Attendees learned best practices to navigate the cloud and the challenges of modern IT with our valued technology leading partners. Our platinum partners expanded on the business value of big data to extend IT longevity. Read a summary of what these executives learned, below.


Real time solutions of the cloud including personal consumption from streaming video, programs, etc. have raised the bar for an adaptable IT infrastructure. The cloud is the answer to a manageable and adaptable bandwidth. A good cloud allows businesses the benefit of:

  • Hardware efficiency
  • Scalability: demand based computing, linear vs. tiered growth rates, and transactional accounting.
  • Outsourcing of hardware level administration.
  • Reduced costs and significantly lower barriers to entry.

Like any other solution, there are benefits as well as concerns. Some executives raised concerns of cloud security as a deterrent of using this evolving technology. inContact was there to provide answers, explaining their layers of data protection for combating the "bad cloud". Though it solves a lot of IT concerns, there are disadvantages to the cloud in the significant development of bandwidth. Protect your organization with six layers of cloud security:

  1. Physical security: stable construction and environmental controls. Power backed by generators and redundant equipment and network design.
  2. Compute and storage: log management and monitoring, encryption and replication.
  3. Network security: consistent inspection including quarterly network scans, yearly penetration tests and built-in intrusion detection system.
  4. Simple unified management.
  5. Compliance standards.
  6. Application-level guidelines to avoid security risks.

Along with the evolution of the cloud, LANDESK has a similar vision for modern IT. This vision aims to help executives understand the mobile effect on IT. With 45% of employees finding personal devices more useful than those of the enterprise, BYOD policies will be critical to securing your data center. However, many BYOD programs will fail by 2016 because of MDM measures that are too restrictive. LANDESK is a viable partner to entrust with securing your business data. Based on results collected from customer feedback, LANDESK customers saw the following benefits:

  • 61% improved operational reliability
  • 57% increased IT staff productivity
  • 10% raised overall business productivity
  • $72 reduced IT cost per user
  • $574 total savings per user

Trust in the LANDESK vision and protect your business priorities with proper mobile guidelines. With the increased use of personal devices, organizations can take advantage of the personal tokens users leave behind. With big data analysis tools, businesses can predict buying behavior and next steps for their customers. The massive amount of data can also overwhelm your infrastructure. HP Big Data solutions utilize data creation and transport for streaming data within milliseconds to seconds to respond. Velocity related to ingestion, cleaning, and meaning of data. That data can be in many forms, whether structured, unstructured, text, or multimedia. HPs solution provides relevant information into unstructured data, providing a variety of storage features. Data consumption is real time, with velocity that relates to end-user appetite. The volume and quantity of data scale from terabytes to zettabytes which are too large for traditional data management technologies to handle in time for consumption. Add value to your business with these HP big data features..

These topics are critical for IT executives to understand.. Arm your organization and stay informed. Subscribe to our blog to keep current on industry news and thought leadership on the latest IT solutions. If you’d like to learn more about any of these topics, let us know and we’ll set you up with a VLCM specialist to discuss further.

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