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VLCM's First Annual Trade Show

Posted by Darci Piz on May 5, 2014 4:11:00 PM

This last week, VLCM held its first annual trade show at the Jordan Commons. VLCM’s top vendors were there to flex their muscles and show off or talk about their latest and greatest technologies.

VLCM and Its Partners1

VLCM’s first annual trade show was a success due in large part to the great companies with which VLCM partners. With 22 vendors present, VLCM customers had a myriad of technologies to preview and discuss with representatives.

VLCM Partners with industry-leading companies such as HP, Barracuda, VMware, and many more in order to offer its customers the best possible solutions to their IT needs. And this trade show was just another way VLCM was able to display this fact.

2Fun and Games
Along with the great displays and information available through VLCM’s vendors, the event had a lighter side to it as well. Great raffle prizes and Cold Stone ice cream were a couple of additional perks that made the occasion all the better.

After the trade show wrapped up, VLCM treated its customers to a premier of the newest Spider Man movie, along with an auspicious presentation about leadership from Ron McBride and LaVell Edwards.



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