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VLCM's Heart Health

Posted by Darci Piz on Mar 5, 2014 9:14:00 AM

VLCM has been especially conscious of heart health over the last few months, due to a recent incident where an employee suffered a heart attack at work. Now, another VLCM employee was invited to a free heart screening at Jordan Valley Medical Center.

VLCM’s Heart Health3
VLCM has provided technology services and products to thousands of local companies over the years, and its consistent work with Jordan Education Foundation linked the company to a free heart screening at Jordan Valley Medical Center. Thanks to the medical center’s courtesy, one of VLCM’s very own recently received his first heart screening, and Fox 13 News was interested to hear more about it.

Trent Eckman, sales rep for VLCM, arrived at Jordan Valley Medical Center February 19th to undergo a procedure that was surprisingly easy. The simplicity and convenience of the heart screening was perhaps the most surprising aspect of his experience, and Trent offered to share it all in his own words both with us and Fox 13 News.

“The thing they kept pushing is that you can keep your clothes on for the screening and that it only takes 5 minutes. It was really easy. You just lay down on the table and it lifts you up and puts you through the big machine that looks like a doughnut. You just lay there and a recorded voice says ‘hold your breath’, and it takes some pictures and then the voice tells you to breathe again. Then they come out and tell you if your heart looks alright or not.”

For more information about Trent’s experience with Jordan Valley Medical Center and Fox 13 News visit the link below.


VLCM and the Community
More than ever before, VLCM realizes the need for hear-health awareness. At Jordan Valley Medical Center, skilled doctors and cardiologists can asses the health of an individual’s heart in a short amount of time and for a minimal and affordable cost. VLCM is proud to support Jordan Valley Medical Center and looks forward to a healthy future for us all.


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